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DTF, or "Direct to Film," is a modern digital printing technology used to transfer designs directly onto fabric using a special film and heat press. DTF printing has gained popularity as an alternative to other garment printing methods like screen printing, heat transfer vinyl, and sublimation.

can choose A4 / A3 / A2 / 1 Meter

Process of DTF (Direct to Film) Printing:

Design Preparation
A design is created digitally on a computer using specialized software. The design can include full-color images, intricate patterns, and graphics.

Printing onto Film
The design is printed onto a special transparent film using a DTF printer that uses pigment-based inks. These inks have the ability to adhere to the film and subsequently the fabric.

Applying Adhesive
An adhesive layer, also called a "primer," is applied to the fabric. This adhesive layer helps the ink from the film adhere to the fabric.

Heat Press Transfer
The printed film is placed onto the adhesive-coated fabric with the ink side facing down. The film and fabric are then heat pressed together at a specific temperature and pressure. The heat causes the ink on the film to sublimate and adhere to the fabric.

After the heat press process, the film is peeled away from the fabric, leaving the transferred design on the fabric's surface.

Advantages of DTF Printing:

Full-Color and Detailed Designs
DTF allows for the reproduction of intricate and full-color designs, including gradients and fine details.

DTF printing can be done on a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, blends, and even materials like leather and denim.

DTF prints are known for their durability and washability. The ink becomes part of the fabric fibers, resulting in prints that withstand repeated laundering.

No Color Limitations
DTF has no color limitations, offering a wide spectrum of vibrant and accurate colors.

Soft Feel
DTF prints have a soft feel, as the ink is absorbed into the fabric fibers.

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